Policy & Rates

Private lesson rates:

Weekly Lessons:

Private lesson rates are based on a fall/winter/spring quarterly tuition system determined by pro-rating 38 lesson weeks over 10 months in order to provide a convenient monthly flat rate. Students must commit to 3 months of lessons at a time.  Generally, three post dated checks are turned in at the start of a new three month quarter; a check for each month.  The individual checks are held till the first of each month.

This tuition is non refundable.

$120/month for 30 minute lessons.
$160/month for 45 minute lessons.

All lesson fees are due the last week of the quarter for the new upcoming quarter. (If payment is not received within 48 hours of its due date, a late fee of $5 will apply per unpaid lesson received.)

Per Lesson:

For the summer months (July and August) lessons can be scheduled and paid for by the individual lesson:

$35 for 30 minute lessons
$45 for 45 minute lessons


Missed or Cancelled Lessons:

Student initiated: All partly or totally missed/cancelled lessons will be charged at the full rate. We may consider requests for make-ups if given 24 hours notice.

Teacher initiated: If your instructor has to cancel lessons, it will be rescheduled or a rebate will be provided for the missed lesson.


Lesson times may not be extended due to late arrivals.


Should a student or parent wish to discontinue lessons temporarily or permanently, ONE month’s notice is required in lieu of one regular month payment of tuition fees.

Summer Lessons:

Each student must reschedule at least FOUR lessons during the months of July and August to reserve a time slot for the coming year. Vacations may be excused.


Students interested in lessons should agree to a THREE-month commitment.

Masterclasses are held quarterly.

Private students are required to attend in place of their weekly lesson. Non-students are also welcome. A masterclass is given for students to expand their education by performing or watching their peers perform. Guest clinicians offer friendly advice and often give an inspiring performance.