Next Masterclass

The Next Masterclass will be:

When: Sat. November 19

Time: 11am – 12pm

Where: Marsh Sudio

Subject: “How Do You Tune Those Drums Anyway?”

• Snacks and drinks provided. If you want to contribute to food, sure!

ABOUT the Masterclass:

Every presentation is unique and provides a wealth of knowledge! And awesome! They introduce new aspects of the percussion/music world and always gives fresh insight valuable to every developing musician and pro alike!

Masterclasses are held quarterly and take the place of your regular lesson that week.

Some Masterclasses in the past are:

“Cymbology” – everything cymbals, how made, differences, preferences etc…
Presenter: Heartbeat Cymbals

“The Tabla” – Indian classical music playing the tabla

“Drumset Technique”
Presenter: Garey Williams

“Drumming as a career”
Presenter: Drummer from “Heart” (the band)

“Music as a career”
Presenter: Soul Siren (Terry’s working band)

Pretty cool stuff, huh? And there have been many more . . .