Taking Private Lessons:

The Drummers Den specializes in giving private one-on-one lessons which focus on the needs of the student to accomplish their musical goals no matter what age or level. We are educated, very experienced, musicians and have a passion for teaching!

We offer 30-minute or 45-minute lessons based on a monthly tuition system which has been pro-rated into 38 lesson weeks over 10 months in order to provide a convenient monthly flat rate. This equates to $23.75 per 30 minute lesson, with a 15% discount on 45 minute lessons. See full rates and policies.



Masterclasses are held quarterly with the important purpose of expanding a students’ musical education beyond what they can receive in just taking private lessons.

We bring top percussion gurus in to share their expertise with our drum students. We have had a variety of interesting subjects from “latin rhythms” to “making your own mallets” to “drum set technique” and many more. Our presenters are professionals who are top in their field and give our students hands-on training. Some of our past presenters include; Garey Williams – drum set guru, Susan Pascal – Seattle’s top vibraphonist, Amy Putnam – Putnam Mallets, and Ben Smith -drummer for the rock band “Heart.” During masterclasses, students often get the priceless opportunity to perform or watch their peers perform in front of a guest clinician who offers friendly advice and then gives an inspiring performance. Each class has a different theme helpful to all percussionists.

Private students are required to attend in place of their weekly lesson. Non-students are also welcome. Don’t miss these opportunities! Masterclasses are essential in every musician’s growth.

Benefits of Masterclasses (not received in private drum instruction):

  • Learn new tools to apply to your own drumming
  • Opportunity to perform in front of peers – there is no replacement to becoming a better musician.
  • Watch other drummers perform and become aware of what others are learning.
  • Be inspired by top-class musicians, specialists in their area of study.